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Bakelite Bangle Bracelet, Apple Juice, 1930s Art Deco

Bakelite Bangle Bracelet, Apple Juice, 1930s Art Deco


This bakelite bangle bracelet is hand carved and the colour apple Juice is exquisite.

Beautiful piece of jewelry that is very representative of its time, 1930s Art Deco period, when manufacturers were developing new types of plastic for various uses, including jewelry design.  

The apple juice colour of the Bakelite is mesmerising and enhances the pretty floral carvings on the bracelet. These bangles are extremely rare and are so sturdy and therefore practical for day to day wear.



In very good vintage condition with only a small amount of age related wear. These are just a few signs of prelove, tiny scratches/dings viewed through a loupe. They are slightly visible in the magnified photos but not noticeable when worn.


Inner diameter 2 1/2"


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