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Polly Pocket Pink Jewelled Palace, 1990s  Vintage Toys

Polly Pocket Pink Jewelled Palace, 1990s Vintage Toys


A collectible Polly Pocket compact is featured, pink in colour with gold detailing. In the middle of the compact is a large pink jewel. The polly pocket logo is intact.

When fully opened, the compact has two sections. The upper part of the set has a bedroom. The bed has a canape. There is also a throne room featuring oriental style windows.

The lower part of the set is the boudoir. There is a pool, pillows on the floor and a treasure chest, which opens to reveal the jewel. The little gate also opens.

The original figures are with the set:

Polly with a jewel in her headdress

and Chatter the monkey wearing a red fez.

Manufactured by Bluebird Toys, the packaging provided the story - “Princess Polly’s Eastern Paradise, Princess Polly and her pet monkey Coco love to play hide and seek among the pillows in her fabulous Eastern palace and snuggle up on the cushions beside the gorgeous bathing pool. She keeps her ‘ruby’ hidden in the ancient wooden treasure chest beside the steps up to her throne. You can take the treasure chest out and play with it separately too!”

In very good vintage condition