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Complete Polly Pocket, Star Bright Dinner Party, 1994  Vintage Toys

Complete Polly Pocket, Star Bright Dinner Party, 1994 Vintage Toys


Polly Pocket Compact, Vintage Bluebird 1994 Starbright Dinner Party, Vintage Toy

Set comes with Polly and her friend Dana. It is rectangular in shape and pink with a large yellow bow across it.

Set lights up using 2 AA batteries, not included due to postal restrictions. You need to loosen the screw under the Compact to access the battery holder (inside the compact)

The interior of the compact consists of a house. Upstairs there is the bathroom, dressing room and a moonlit balcony. While in the lower part of the compact there is the lounge, kitchen and dining room.


The front door swings open
Th3 curtains open on a view of the city lights
Refrigerator door opens
You can push the serving trolley to change the menu on the table
The Closet door slides
Make-up mirror lights up


Polly with blonde hair in a ponytail tied with a dark pink scrunchy. She wears a long dark purple dress with gold trim at the bottom. She is wearing gold earrings and necklace.

Polly (See Notes), blonde waved hair, green hair band, purple long-sleeved dress, white shoes, tan base (1994)

Dana, dark brown hair in pigtails with bangs, long orange dress with long sleeves, silver trim at neck and bottom, tan base (1994)

In very good condition,

5” x 4” x 2”