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Complete Polly Pocket, Slumber Party Fun 1994, Vintage Toys

Complete Polly Pocket, Slumber Party Fun 1994, Vintage Toys


Polly Pocket Complete, Slumber Party 1994

Approximate Dimensions: 4" X 3.5" X 1.25"

The compact is pale purple in colour and pentagon shaped.


Upper : Kitchen, foyer

Lower: Living room with television, sofa bed


Press top of TV to change channels
Sofa bed opens
Refrigerator opens
Door to upstairs opens
Clock above refrigerator spins


Polly has blonde hair tied in a ponytail with a fringe. Her red hair band holds her hair back. She wears white pyjamas with a blue collar and cuffs and yellow slippers.

Emma has dark brown hair worn in pigtails. She has white pyjamas with purple dots on them and matching, purple slippers.

Bluebird Toys used to print little stories on their packaging. Here is the story for this set:

"Polly's Video Party

Polly and Emma are enjoying their own special video party tonight, with four exciting new films to watch. Polly has made sure there are plenty of tasty snacks in the fridge - Polly like ice cream and cheesecake, while Emma prefers peanut butter sandwiches and crisps! To watch the videos, they open out the sofa bed and get really comfortable in front of the TV!"

Approximate Dimensions: 4” x 3 12” X 1 1/4”

In very good condition,