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Complete Polly Pocket, Precious Puppies, 1993  Vintage Toys

Complete Polly Pocket, Precious Puppies, 1993 Vintage Toys


Polly Pocket Precious Puppies 1993

Exterior of the heart shaped compact is painted a dark pink. The gold foil Polly Pocket contrasts well.

The interior consists of two sections depicting Polly’s life. The lower part focuses on the pets with their play parks and bowls for their food. In the upper part, there is Polly’s house with a pink tub bath and yellow dressing table. There is a chaise longue above in the attic.

Yellow gate opens

The figurines
Polly Pocket with blonde hair and a blue hair band. She is wearing a pink dress with a blue collar, green shoes and is holding a green & yellow dog brush in her right hand

Rags, large brown flocked puppy, white base, standing

Tinker, small brown flocked, white base, on hind legs

Approximate Dimensions: 3 3/4” X 2 1/2” X 1 1/4”

In very good condition, minor scratches

Here is the sweet message Bluebird Printed on the packaging:

"Polly and her Puppies

Polly loves her two furry puppies Rags and Tinker, and really likes to stroke and play with them. They each have a comfy basket with a blanket in it, a nice bowl and some squeaky toys and bones to play with. Polly loves looking after them, especially giving them a bath in her bathtub!"